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  Easy to Open 
ETO Strap Wrench

Opening Stubborn Bottle Caps Takes GRIP PLUS TORQUE! equals a GREAT SOLUTION!


The ETO Strap Wrench

 The ETO - (Easy To Open

This Adjustable, lightweight Strap Wrench has both!

Stubborn & hard to open bottle caps, now a snap!

Put it in your pocket or purse and carry it everywhere! It's just 1 inch long! Only weighs 1 ounce!

Opening stubborn jars and bottles anywhere, is EASY! The perfect tool for the right job!

Simple... effective... easy to use...  Inexpensive, Made in the USA!

Anyone can use it ... any time... any place. THE ETO STRAP Wrench


                                                              Patented and Trademark - Made in the USA

Contact us to order a durable plastic wrench that opens bottles and jars.

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About Us

The ETO Strap Wrench is useful everywhere. It's a practical addition to your kitchen accessories and daily use. This lightweight but durable powerful strap wrench easily adjusts to grip any bottle caps or jar lids up to a 3" diameter. Named after the farthermost village in the world, ETAH, Greenland, the name translates into the ultimate! And for sure that it is!

Our founder managed a medical services company with over twenty-five thousand patients for over 20 years. The ETO was a direct solution of those patients needs. However, as with many other unique inventions, we discovered the ETO Strap Wrench has a much broader and universal application.

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Associated with the Art Institute of Phoenix, Arizona


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